Meet Kathryn Lloyd

Hello, my name is Kathryn.

Like you, I am an artist. I just happen to have a passion for technology as well. These two passions of mine form the core of my own creative business: I guide artists step by step past your obstacles and show you exactly how to make a living with your artwork and prosper using the powerful tools of the digital world.

My business really started when I was an art student at Angel Academy in Florence, Italy. In this supportive atmosphere of creative collaboration, we were producing the best work of our lives. And yet many of my classmates assumed that, like the Old Masters, they would be long gone before they gained fame and fortune.

I thought: Why???

I vowed right then and there to use my talent to help other artists break through and turn their passion into a paycheck. It can be done!

When I collaborate with artists I believe in, I nurture a positive and supportive atmosphere that fosters an extraordinary, unstoppable growth in you. I work with you to grow your art business online, multiply your sales, and increase your presence and awareness.

I can help you because…I get you! You have a heart that is creative, and it’s easy to chase lots of shiny objects, but I know how to keep you on track so you can focus on the task at hand. And the beauty of it is, once your business is built, it runs on autopilot!

My private clients know the benefit of working with me. Together we develop a big-picture plan for your art, then we break it down into real, doable steps. I don’t just help you create, I show you multiple ways to use your content once it is created. I use my skills to help you build an amazing and sustainable art business with a predictable, recurring income you can count on!

I continue to invest my time, effort, and money in knowing what is happening today and how to pivot for the future; it’s a great benefit for your online art business.

People are afraid to try new things, even though others are doing them with success, because they don’t think the techniques work, or that they don’t align with their core values.

And that’s why we start with my signature workshop, The Master Secrets.™ I’ve distilled down all the essentials into a short, 5-day online learning experience to help you overcome all the fears that may have stopped you from having your voice heard, on a global setting, on a bigger stage. And by the way, I bring you The Master Secrets workshop free of charge. You deserve to have an art business that takes care of your needs and feeds your soul – so you can go on growing, creating, and fulfilling your artistic destiny.


9 + Years Experience


A strong team of Technology Specialists


Specialized for Artists

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We provide the guidance and know-how to help you create workshops that serve to pay your bills and feed your soul. You don’t have to have a big budget or expensive equipment to take your workshops online.

Our Workshop

Artists, are you struggling to create a more predictable, consistent income with your art? Have you wondered how those successful online art instructors actually manage to do so well? Well, guess what? You can do it too! We specialize in helping artists take their workshops online.

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The Master Secrets

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