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Reasons Why Artists Need to Have a Website

As an artist at work today, having a personal website to showcase your art
around the world is increasingly essential. It’s not enough to tell others about your artwork via word-of-mouth and it’s also not enough just to post your creations on social media. Although these avenues do offer countless benefits, that’s the slow-poke way of doing things and soon you’ll run out of family, friends, and friends of friends to deliver your sales spiel to. That is if they haven’t already been dodging you at every get-together.

Having your own website brings enormous advantages and power yet, sadly, one of the things I’ve noticed recently is there are a good many artists out there who still don’t have one. The only access to their art is via social media.
This is a HUGE mistake.

Why Promoting Your Artwork on Social Media Isn’t Enough

I shake my head each time I see a very talented artist post their work on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. This hard-working Arttrepreneur
is looking for all the “likes” from their friends, followers, and connections. Although the “likes” are nice and some even consider them a validation that their art is good. But those are often not collectors and potential buyers, so this method isn’t effective in getting to the real sales, income, reviews, traffic, and word-of-mouth referrals. Many artists are looking for collectors and not every collector is going to be looking for art on social media.
They are going to do an online search for the art they are hunting for.

So if you don’t have a website, you are missing out on a huge opportunity of having others find you. Along with having a way for potential customers to find you, there are many tried and true steps that can draw more people to your website but you have to first have a website!

However, that’s still only half the battle. Your site will allow you to have a way of collecting the names and contact information of those who come to check it out. Having your own custom website will also allow you to find out the following:

Hire an Expert Website Designer Who Focuses on Artists

An artist who also knows how to create websites is the expert who will know how to create and manage your creativity. Because they have the same passion and creativity as you. They will know how to reflect your magic and personality online as well. They’ll know how to keep the ONLINE you as real as the REAL you.
All you have to do is keep creating the artwork that you love!

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to me now and let’s talk about your artwork, your goals, and your future website..
You can contact me at: Kathryn@KathrynLloydDigitalAgency.com

About Me:

In 2004 I had a vision of online instruction, but the internet was not quite ready to support my dream at that moment in the tech evolution. Then in 2013, I began my online business. I’ve spent a lot of money learning what I know about art and I always thought there had to be a better way. I am classically trained: schooled at renowned institutions in Florence, Italy, France, Canada, Santa Fe, San Francisco and many more places! Since I’ve been interested in technology going back to the early 80s, I knew I could figure out the tech, and I did.

Let’s get together and talk about YOUR art business! I’m ready to help you build your online presence with a shiny, new web site that truly reflects YOUR voice.
YOUR art. YOUR brand.

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