Master Training

Mastering Cyberspace: 
The Roadmap To Selling A Your Art Online
Setting Up Your Website For Success
In Just 4 Weeks

You can do this! Now is the time to become a true Artrepreneur! And you don’t have to do it alone! Kathryn will guide you every step of the way to creating an art business that will sell your paintings by finding and connecting with your collectors in a unique way that will change your art business! Transform your passion into a viable business with Kathryn’s industry-leading guidance and expertise.

Here’s how we will do it together:

Artist To Artrepreneur

  • Craft Your Best Artist Website and Increase Your Visibility.
  • Learn How To Use Social Media To Sell Your Art
  • Create An Eye-Catching Landing Page and Show off Your Art That Is Geared For Sells
  • Get The Technology Help You Need
  • Learn The Steps That Will Help You Sell Your Art Every Time!
  • Invest in Your Future Now: Get Lifetime Access!
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***30 Day Money Back Guarantee***

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